Elliot is Eight Months Old!

New year, new Elliot. This month Elliot experienced his first Christmas and his first New Year. Elliot wore glasses for the first time, just to try out the look. He went with his mom to bring cocoa to volunteers downtown, and he wore no less than three Christmas-themed outfits. It was quite the month.

Elliot ponders worldly matters in Uncle Carp’s glasses.

Elliot charms volunteers as they brave the cold to help out those who don’t have everything they need this year.

Elliot flirts with the idea of starting a career as an elf.

One thought on “Elliot is Eight Months Old!

  • Only the very best, the very cutest elves give out hot cocoa to people who need it. We can’t get enough of this cuteness! (All three of you actually)

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