Elliot is Nine Months Old!

Whoopsy, been a big month and we missed this one.

Elliot is nine months old and is really starting to show his personality. He love music, dancing, babbling, eating, and grabbing fistfuls of fur still attached to unsuspecting cats (who really should know better by now). This month we relaxed after a busy holiday season. Elliot sort of crawls, but only backwards, and it confuses him to no end.

He sits up very well and is starting to scoot. Actually, his scooting looks a lot like his dancing…and boy, does that kid dance.

Elliot playing with a red car at daycare.

Elliot is becoming something of an automobile enthusiast. Here he is, slowly moving backwards and away from his toys.

Elliot playing with a yellow toy at daycare and holding it in both hands.

His sitting skills are really improving though.

Elliot sucking on a pacifier and playing with musical toys at daycare.

Elliot will one day be some kind of music toy virtuoso – he is already a better dancer than both of his parents so we know he has rhythm.

Elliot and another baby playing with tissue paper at daycare.

Elliot enlists a daycare friend to go through some important government documents. Crinkly, noisy documents.

Elliot and Meg during Elliot's first flight.

And finally, on his ninth birthday, Elliot took to the sky for his first flight. He got his wings and many compliments from adults who do not understand that parents cannot make babies into “good flyers” and we are just lucky jerks.

Elliot is Eight Months Old!

New year, new Elliot. This month Elliot experienced his first Christmas and his first New Year. Elliot wore glasses for the first time, just to try out the look. He went with his mom to bring cocoa to volunteers downtown, and he wore no less than three Christmas-themed outfits. It was quite the month.

Elliot ponders worldly matters in Uncle Carp’s glasses.

Elliot charms volunteers as they brave the cold to help out those who don’t have everything they need this year.

Elliot flirts with the idea of starting a career as an elf.

Elliot is Six Months Old!

This doesn’t feel right. Surely he hasn’t been around this long/surely he’s been around much longer. Either way, it’s ridiculous that Elliot is six months old. This month was full of visits. Auntie Kate and Uncle Marty came in for a two week sojourn in the states. The highlight, clearly, was meeting Elliot. Uncle Ricky came in and didn’t break anything.

As always, Other Baby is a constant visitor and he and Elliot have deep conversations.

Uncle Carp and Uncle Ricky! And Elliot throwing shade.

HALLOWEEN! A hiker, a unicorn, and a bumblebee make a happy family.

Not a costume but the most righteous coat Auntie Bridget could find.

Magical bath baby. With a party hat.


Elliot is having the best time at his daycare. Here are some of the photos they send us:

Elliot’s favorite look – the earnest stare.

This is one of the more “engaged” looks from Elliot.

Elliot has really been enjoying musical instruments. Meaning, he can grab stuff now!

And, of course, he loves hanging out with the baby in the mirror. We call him Other Baby.

Elliot and Other Baby have a secret:

Lots of socializing with other babies –

I’ll keep adding to this page as I get more gems.

Growth Chart

This is our current method of measuring Elliot’s growth. Above, at one month…

At two months…

At three months…

UPDATE: Sources close to Elliot say he no longer likes to lay on Ben’s chest, so we’ll have to find a new method of measuring his growth.

Elliot is Four Months Old!

We could Photoshop in a Four Month sticker (Elliot’s asleep) but meh.

Major tummy time and actually being ok at playing with toys are the major milestones this month.

Tummy tiiiiiime!

Playing with Dad

Chilling with Mom

Elliot is Three Months Old!

Discovering toys, feet, and other exciting new things this month. Like daycare! Miss Nayeli and Miss Anna keep Elliot entertained and learning. Just reading the reports of what they do all day is exhausting. They are the best! Speaking of the best, Elliot is sleeping 8 hour stretches because he loves his Mom and Dad. (And we’re just lucky jerks)

Elliot inherited some very fun costumes from cousins. Sometimes you just need to dress in a Tigger onesie to live your best life.

Another lazy afternoon at Gene’s Sausage Shop rooftop bar. Keeping it classy.